We thank God for PRAYUSA. Please check it out.

We are seeking a major prayer ministry in each state or region that has the mobilization of intercessory prayer as its mission. If your state has one not listed here please let us know.

So far we have located the following:

Alaska - Daybreak Prayer Ministry


California - http://www.praycal.org/

Purpose: Pray California Fellowship is a servant coalition of pastors and prayer leaders representing many ministries laboring to equally empower, network, alert, equip and provide a blanket of prayer over the State.

Prayer Command Post - A part of "Pray California" dealing with "resources/equipping" intercessors for prayer.


Colorado - Colorado Christian Prayer Information Prayer ministries based in Colorado with a web presence are listed on the ministries page.


Florida - http://www.floridaprayer.org/

Florida Prayer Network's primary reason for existence is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to pray for revival in our state and nation.

Minnesota - "The Lord's Watch desires to network prayer groups in Minnesota with a "Lord's Watch heart" together in a powerful prayer covering.


Missouri Transform Missouri through prayer


Nebraska Nebraska Prayer Network


New England (Region consisting of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Eastern Upstate York, Rhode Island, and Vermont)


New Jersey 11/29/12 Update Be encouraged! God is at work in New Jersey! Keep those prayers going up. Wherever you are, please pray for New Jersey as it is just as pivotal a state as yours! Victory ahead! God reigns and is at work!

1. The mission of Pray New Jersey is in response to these promises from the word of God. We seek to humble ourselves and encourage the body of Christ to unite as we turn from our sin and cry out for God to heal our land. We desire that New Jersey would not only be know as the "Garden State" but "The Garden of the Lord". We seek to pray for and bless those serving in authority positions in our state. We believe that the Lord desires for all men to come to the knowledge of truth. It is in truth that we minister in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Web site authored by New Jersey's National Day of Prayer state coordinator, who has heart and vision for revival!

2. New Jersey Strategic Prayer Network began in 1997. Their mandate was to develop a trained network of intercessors throughout the state of New Jersey. They began to do this by holding one-day conferences, inter-denominationally, to teach and impart the gifts of intercession within the local churches. (link added 4/14/05)

Women Aglow and Strategic Prayer Command (Sorry, No known web sites) (added 4/14/05)

New York - 2 web sites

1. Pray New York This web site seeks to establish a vital prayer environment in churches and prayer networks through which God transforms individuals, churches, and cultures by encouraging and equipping local churches to make prayer a priority; and enlisting and informing local, national, and international partners to pray for Metro New York on a weekly basis.

2. Pray NY "... mobilizing the Church of New York To Change the World"

North Carolina -

North Carolina Strategic Prayer Network

We recommend clicking on NCSPN's Prayer Initiatives for a prayer guide for North Carolina

PrayNC - The Prayer Home Page for North Carolina Baptists (added 5/23/05)

Tabernacle of Prayer -

Online Christian Info for prayer happenings across NC

On Line Christian Information - Excellent calendar for up to date info about Carolinas' Christian events.


Oregon - Prayer Net Oregon - Promoting unity and prayer throughout the state


South Carolina, also North Carolina - http://www.missioncarolina.org/

"Our mission is to sustain continuous prayer coverage over Carolina, educate Carolina intercessors, pray onsite throughout Carolina, and cooperate with other ministries to see spiritual awakening come to Carolina."

Online Christian Info for prayer happenings across South Carolina

On Line Christian Information - Excellent calendar for up to date info about Carolinas' Christian events.


Tennessee - The Prayer Life A ministry of Rev. Clyde Martin encouraging Christians to develop and nurture "closet" prayer. How to know and enjoy intimacy with God.


Texas - http://www.praytexas.com/

The vision of Pray Texas is "Uniting hearts and hands with leaders to reach their communities for Christ."

Pray Texas is a servant ministry encouraging, connecting, and equipping leaders to mobilize cooperative strategic prayer initiatives throughout Texas and beyond.


If and when you learn of other states or regions with such a ministry, please let us know.


Please check "Christian Information for Individual States" for more information about prayer across America.

Please check "Christian Prayer Calendar" for events throughout the USA

Dear Christian visitor to this page,

Would it not please God to unite His intercessors in the greatest mobilization of prayer saturation in history? Let us pray and encourage one another in this great work of God's Holy Spirit!

Please be assured that God has raised (and is raising) up a mighty army of like minded intercessors throughout our whole nation.

Every Christian needs involvement in this! What is your calling? It may be as intercessor or praying and encouraging those who are, encouraging other Christians in their prayer lives, or other supportive activity. Let us listen and be obedient to the call or the burden God has graciously bestowed upon us. May we be found faithful in this vital and critical time in history! VICTORY IS ASSURED, PRAISE GOD!



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