Having read the majority of these books, we can assure you that you'll get much valuable information and inspiration from them.

Some of these can be found online. We've found Christian Classics Ethereal Library an excellent place to find online books. Others you should find at your local Christian bookstore or order them from a place such as Christian Book Distributors. An excellent list of Christian Classics on prayer at Intercessors for America e-Bookstore contains some of these.

We'd love to hear from you if these books are of help to you. Miles Bennett (

NEW - World Prayer, Contains "Effective Prayer," by Oswald Sanders; "The Prayer of Faith," by J. O. Fraser; "Prayer Tools," by Will Bruce; and "When You Pray," by J. Hudson Taylor. Foreword by Denis Lane, c 1999; Overseas Missionary Fellowship: 124 p.

NEW - But I Don't Know How to...Start a Prayer Ministry, by Oni Kittle, c 1999; Warner Press; 48 p.

  1. Abba Father, the Lord's Pattern for Prayer, by Hughes, R. Kent. 112p.
  2. All the Prayers of the Bible, by Lockyer, Herbert. 297p.
  3. America's Great Revivals, pub. Bethany Fellowship. 95p.
  4. The Coming Revival, by Bright, William (Bill) 221p.
  5. CONCERTS OF PRAYER, How Christians Can Join Together in C. of P. for Spiritual Awakening and World Evangelization, by Bryant, David.159p.
  6. Destined for the Throne, by Billheimer, Paul E. 134 p.
  7. Don't Just Stand There, Pray Something, by Dunn, Ronald. 269p.
  8. Effective Prayer, by Smith, Chuck, of Calvary Chapel
  9. 52 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child to Pray, by Hromas, Roberta. 144p.
  10. George Mueller of Bristol, by Pierson, Arthur T. 462 p.
  11. Handle with Prayer, by Stanley, Charles. 120p.
  12. How I Know God Answers Prayer, by Goforth, Rosalind. 127p.
  13. How to Pray, by Torrey, R.A. . 111p.
  14. If You Will Ask, by Chambers, Oswald. 95p.
  15. Jonathan Edwards on Revival, Edwards, Jonathan (selected works) 160 p.
  16. Key to the Missionary Problem, by Murray, Andrew. 173p.
  17. The Kneeling Christian, by an unidentified Christian. 125p.
  18. Let Prayer Change Your Life, by Tirabassi, Becky 185p.
  19. Mighty is Your Hand, by Murray, Andrew. 157p.
  20. Mighty Prevailing Prayer, by Duewel, Wesley L. 336p.
  21. The Ministry of Intercession, by Murray, Andrew. 226p.(copyrighted in 1898) NEW and COMPLETE - believed to be ONLY online copy of this book. Follows Murray's With Christ in the School of Prayer
  22. The Necessity of Prayer, by Bounds, E. M. 144p.
  23. The Possibilities of Prayer, by Bounds, E. M.
  24. No Easy Road, by Eastman, Dick. 127p.
  25. Power From on High, by Charles G. Finney
  26. The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life, by Spurgeon, Charles Haddon. 192p.
  27. The Power of Prevailing Prayer, by Albert Sims (NEW link, 8-20-04)
  28. Power Through Prayer, by Bounds, Edward M. 128p.
  29. Prayer- Key to Revival, by Cho, Yonggi. 184p.
  30. Prayer Power, by Murray, Andrew. 159p.
  31. Prayer Power Unlimited, by Sanders, J. Oswald. 174 p.
  32. Examples of Praying Men, Chapter 8 of Power Through Prayer by Bounds, E.M.
  33. Praying Hyde, by Carre, Captain E.G. 183p.
  34. Prevailing Prayer, by Moody, D.L. 126p.
  35. Purpose in Prayer, Bounds, E. M.
  36. Quiet Talks on Prayer, by Gordon, S.D. 170p.
  37. Rees Howells, Intercessor, by Grubb, Norman. 283p.
  38. Revival Lectures, by Finney, Charles Grandison. pub. by Revell 534p.
  39. Revival Praying, by Ravenhill, Leonard 176p.
  40. The Revival We Need, by Smith, Oswald J.
  41. The Secret of Positive Praying, by Bisagno, John. 174p.
  42. Spurgeon's Prayers, by Spurgeon, Charles Haddon. 159p.
  43. Too Busy Not To Pray, Hybels, Bill. 151p.
  44. Touching Heaven by Prayer, by Saloff-Astakhoff, N.I. 64p.
  45. Touch the World Through Prayer, by Duewel, Wesley. 255p.
  46. Warfare Prayer, by Wagner , C. Peter. 204p.
  47. The Weapon of Prayer, by Bounds, Edward M. 157p.
  48. Unleasing the Power of Prayer, by Bright, Vonette and Jennings, Ben A. 297p.
  49. When You Pray, by Lindsell, Harold. 182p.
  50. With Christ in the School of Prayer, by Murray, Andrew 307p. (Early copy - No copyright date, 189_?, published by Henry Altemus Company, Philadelphia, PA.) NEW 2/20/04

This Mystery Called Prayer, text version of radio message by Dr. Norman Wilson Sorry. It must have been removed. Cannot find it. MB 2/12/08


  1. How to Pray with Power, Nelson, Rev. Norm; Pres. and Speaker- The Morning Chapel Hour
    2 tapes, 4 messages:
    • 1A. Does prayer work?
    • 1B. Does Prayer Change Things?
    • 2A. Is prayer Dangerous?
    • 2B. Can Prayer Produce Miracles?
    • Available from: Touchstone Ministries, Inc., P.O. Box 900, Paramount, CA 90723 Tel. (Order line) 1-800-868-2478 ;Excellent

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