Prayer Support For Our Church

A Guideline for Special Days of Prayer & Fasting for Local Churches

Please Consider Establishing A Regular Day of Prayer and Fasting at YOUR Church

Include in your prayers for the our church's ministry that:

For specifics, it is very helpful to refer to a current Sunday bulletin and prayerfully review its lists of ongoing programs, special events, and people serving the church, asking and allowing God's Spirit to direct your intercessory praying.

A Day of Prayer and Fasting for Our Church

Our Sanctuary will be open for prayer all day beginning at 7:30am. Our archenemy, Satan, detests prayer and fasting, but God honors this combination. God's strategy of fasting and prayer must be used to win battles for our Lord and soundly defeat the powers of darkness.

"This kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting. " Mark 9:29

Fasting . . .

strengthens and increases faith.
Mark 9:18, 29
is a means of spiritual and self-discipline.
should be done to please the Lord.
Zechariah. 7:5
should not be done to impress others.
Matthew 6:16-18
is a way to humble yourself under God.
1 Peter 5:6
Is not a substitute for obedience to God.
Isaiah. 58:1-11
should indicate intense desire to seek God with all the heart in a sacred way.
Matthew 7:7 and Jeremiah. 29:13
should not become just a ritualistic practice.
is a way of self-denial.
Matthew 16:24
is an obedience to God's call.
Joel 1:14 & 2:15; Luke 5:33-35

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HELPFUL LINKS for Setting Up a Prayer Chain in Your Church

We suggest you click on each of the following in their respective order:

Church Prayer Chain Form and typical prayer chain set up provides the purpose and procedures of a prayer chain for each member. It also contains scripture references to God's promises. A typical prayer chain setup is on this as well.

When you recruit people for your church prayer chain, you may want to print out, for distribution, Church Prayer Chain Forms (2 on each sheet). This is same as upper half of previous link.

You may want to provide each prayer chain member with several of sheets containing Church Prayer Chain Form for recording prayer requests and their answers.

As yet, we do not have what perhaps is the most important aspect of setting up a church prayer chain, a look at an effective prayer chain coordinator or member. We'll let the pastors do that, at least for the present! We believe that How to Select and Empower a Prayer Leader can be very helpful here. It certainly is worth checking out!

If you have suggestions about setting up prayer chains or have found helpful links, please write us about them. We will continue to add to this page! God bless you and your church as you obey Him!

- Miles

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