2017 National Day of Prayer

More than ever before, we need prayer!

National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Check HERE for events throughout the USA!

Theme: For Your Great Name’s Sake! Hear Us… Forgive Us…Heal Us!”


 Scripture for this year:  “O Lord, Listen! O Lord, Forgive! O Lord, Hear and Act! For Your Sake, O My God…” Daniel 9:19

A presidential “National Day of Prayer Proclamation” is usually made shortly before the “National Day of Prayer” each year (First Thursday in May.)

Check HERE for President Trumps’s May 4, 2017 proclamation just before the National Day of Prayer or request it from the White House.

Click on the National Day of Prayer Task Force’s web site for timely information and resources.

For your National Day of Prayer event, you may want to use Anne Graham Lotz’s  “2017 National Prayer” .

For President Donald Trumps’s Proclamation, check HERE. 

The great news is that God’s conditional (IF) promise to “His people,” found in 2 Chronicles 7:14, is still true! We praise God that the Spirit of Prayer is impacting “grassroots” daily, year round as God’s people respond to His call! It is up to you and me, as individuals, to call on God and follow His plan, until our spiritual and government leaders awaken to the ungodly, otherwise helpless state of our nation. We must not wait for them to awaken and issue the call! LOVE THEM BY PRAYING FOR THEM. They face insurmountable odds! Let us pray for their spiritual awakening after we have experienced our own personal one! Be assured of our prayers as God speaks to your heart and mine. “Search me, O God, and know my heart…..” -Miles,

We trust this page will be helpful to those who want the United States become a righteous nation, and are willing to intercede (pray) for America.

The links below will help you in preparing and participating in NDP events.

Should we not pray often for our country, our leaders, and our people on a regular basis all year long? If NDP events do not serve to raise our consciousness regarding our country’s constant need for our prayers, are they not nearly in vain?

We encourage you to request your mayor to issue a proclamation. Just click on “Sample Letter to Your Mayor” in the links below. Provide him or her with a sample proclamation. Click on “Sample mayoral proclamation” in the links below. Read the proclamation (or better yet, have your mayor read it at your NDP event where he or she can hear people lift them up in prayer. Pray earnestly and faithfully for your mayor and local civic officials all year long! Provide a shield of prayer for your community, state, and nation. Authentic, God chosen intercessors never quit! As Billy Graham says, Do 3 things, “…pray, Pray, PRAY!

We will share some of the information and techniques we’ve used to do that. God has inspired, led, guided, and helped us through the process. Without Him and His wisdom, our meager wisdom and resources would bear little or no fruit. ALL glory, praise, and honor goes unto Him! We seek only His mind and will, to please Him always, and serve Him faithfully. Our prayer is that one day our nation, “from sea to shining sea” will once again be filled with the glory of our God, as the waters cover the sea. What a horrific shame that our people, our leaders, our churches, and our nation, have drifted so far away from God’s biblical intentions for us that we are no longer a “Godly nation.” It will only get worse if you (and we) fail to pray! Need we say more? Your head is not in the sand, or you would not be on this page!

God bless, inspire, challenge, and move you to action concerning what He would have you do. Pray first, pray secondly, pray…, letting His Holy Spirit guide you, listen, then respond to God as He gives you His burden, shares His heart, plants His ideas and vision, and with His all-wise providential timing and wisdom, directs and sustains you. He is faithful! Praise His holy name!

Thanks for your intercessory prayers. You have ours!


As our NDP, May 4, 2017 approaches, President Donald Trumps’s “National Day of Prayer” proclamations will be made available. Check HERE for scheduled NDP events across New Jersey and any other state as well. If you are a newcomer to New Jersey, or can not find any scheduled event in your municipality (one of 567 in NJ), why not plan one? Be sure to request a proclamation from your mayor. Many NJ mayors have issued proclamations since “A Day of Prayer in New Jersey” resolution was passed in 1994, designating the first Thursday in May each year as “A Day of Prayer in New Jersey.”

Click HERE for suggestions on how to intercede for those who govern. See 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

NJ municipalities that have issued proclamations – Check here for 11 year history of known places in NJ where mayoral proclamations have been issued.


For anything pertaining to “National Day of Prayer” in North Carolina, Check with its NDP State Coordinator, Pastor Fallon Procter 910-316-8057, e-mail: ndp.nc2015@gmail.com, who has done a splendid job over the past several years. Pastor Fallon and his wife have intercessors’ hearts and are involved in prayer ministries in North Carolina.

To find out an Event near you, click on Find an Event  
NC municipalities that have issued proclamations Check here for some of the municipalities that have issued proclamations in the past.


“2017 National Prayer” by Anne Graham Lotz, honorary chairman, National Day of Prayer Task Force

Prayer Protected – “Guidance on Constitutionally Protected Prayer in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools” Published February 7, 2003

Official National Day of Prayer Task Force home page

President Donald Trump’s Proclamation– Try  HERE

Sample letter to your mayor – Urge your mayor to issue a proclamation

Sample mayoral proclamation – Suggested proclamation for busy mayors

President Lincoln’s 1863 Proclamation – Proclamation for National Day of Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer  

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