Concert of Prayer Format

A Model Concert of Prayer Format

  • Welcome by hosting church to all and asking all churches represented to identify themselves
  • Time of worship led by group selected by host, pastors’ group, or other sponsors
    • Choruses and hymns lifting up Jesus Christ and exalting Him as Lord over all (Graham Kendrick or Charles Wesley types)
    • 3 minutes of silence, reflection on Jesus, using Scriptures
  • Setting of vision
    • 15 minutes
    • Story of revival in Scripture and in history
    • A few brief testimonies as to what God is doing
    • Short sharing of direction and burden by steering group
  • Silent time to reflect on Jesus and allow Him to search our hearts
    • Alone
    • Personal repentance
  • Time to pray for our own congregation, which is our relationship system,
    • Starting with
      • family,
      • neighbors,
      • work,
      • friends
    • 15 minutes
    • In groups of three
  • Prayer for the whole Church in the community
    • In groups of six
  • Prayer for the leadership and for unity
    • Leaders come forward
    • Whole group prays together
  • Prayer for selected areas of the community
    • Return to groups of six
  • Prayer for community revival,
    • for the state,
    • for the nation,
    • for the world
      • Whole group praying together

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