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We praise God for answered prayer! Cathy and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on January 28, 2006! George Mueller said, “…I live in the spirit of prayer. I pray as I walk about, when I lie down and when I rise up. And the answers are always coming. Thousands and tens of thousands of times have my prayers been answered. When once I am persuaded that a thing is right and for the glory of God, I go on praying for it until the answer comes. I never give up!” Keep praying! – Miles

Although Cathy has not had chemotherapy or radiation, she has tried, had, and has several alternatives and food supplements to boost her immune system. We have not sat idly by. On another page we have a lengthy record of the many she has tried. The ones she uses mainly now are “Sustain” (contains some vitamins) for her colon, Mannatech “Ambrotose,” and “Heavenly Greens.” If you desire information about these you can do a search on the Internet or write us. We’re not sure how these “factor” into her survival so we are cautious about saying much about them. With so many having problems I thought I’d share this with you, just in case. May our Lord direct each who have health issues.- Miles (added 1/05/07)

January, 2006

My wife, Catherine (Cathy) Bennett, has been chronically ill for some time. Our only hope for her recovery is divine intervention. Please pray for her healing. Thank you so much!

We have hesitated to share this online but are at that place where, but for the grace of God, we would be desperate. God IS our HOPE. We need God’s miraculous intervention. We need some person of faith to “touch God” for her healing. Because of her chronic illness and many allergies she could not have chemotherapy, although her surgeon was insistent about it. Her condition IS monitored by an oncologist every six months. We are using alternative therapies. Although Cathy has survived over 4 years since ovarian cancer was found and nodule ruptured while being removed, she is not cured. We have witnessed countless answers to prayer in our lives over the years and know God DOES heal, praise His holy name! Read the following paragraph: – Miles

“Cathy, in 1978, was diagnosed at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in NYC as probably having breast cancer although no biopsy was taken. Again, many Christians prayed for her, as some of you will remember. We prayed and made wheat grass juice for her, which she took as long as she could “stomach” it. Our diet was fresh fruit and vegetables, with some cooked vegetables. After 2 years her condition stabilized and breast cancer has been a “back-burner” issue eclipsed by other health concerns. We thank God she’s alive!”

1/13/06 Thank you for your prayers. I cannot detail all answers. At least one special ATP (answer to prayer) yesterday morning. Another ATP on Sunday, 2/12/06. Thanks.

2/14/06 Praise God that a “cancer marker” blood test, which had risen to as high as 87 in August, 2005 (normal 0-35), has dropped to 39, according to test results of 1/30/06. Two other tests are still within normal range though one is rising. FNA (for biopsy) of thyroid coming up on Thursday, February 23. Pray no cancer be found. “With God, all things are possible.” – Miles


Thanks for your prayers. We sensed them and God’s answers as they got through!

Biopsies couldn’t be completed. Further consultation, procedures, and diagnosis will be needed. Cathy has a consultation with the surgeon in about 10 days. Another appointment is set with surgeon for April 8. More details at our private web page. Keep praying. Pray for proper diagnosis and treatment. Pray for healing for her other chronic illnesses as well. God is able! Perhaps you are one who doesn’t even know my dear wife yet still was and are burdened for her. Thank you for your faithfulness to God’s call upon your heart to pray for her! God bless you and yours. We pray for you as you intercede for us, as we know many of God’s best intercessors have “been there” or are going through a present crisis(es). May God bless you with answers to your needs according to His will and His riches through Christ Jesus. “By whose stripes we are healed!” – Miles


Cathy’s early March consultation appointment with the surgeon was postponed until March 30.

Please pray that:

1. The surgeon will be given wisdom to properly diagnose and treat her thyroid condition.

2. Cathy will be healed of all chronic illnesses.

3. We will have wisdom in seeking answers.

Again, thanks so much! –  Miles


On March 30 Cathy consulted with the surgeon. Surgery is scheduled tentatively for May 15. In the meantime there are several appointments with specialists in preparation for her surgery. Please pray that these will be accomplished timely and according to God’s plan, as well as the applicable previous requests. Thank you so much! At Cathy’s request, this morning our pastor and church leaders gathered around her, and she was anointed with oil and prayed for according to James 5:14, “Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:” We continue to praise our Lord for His marvelous work in our lives! ATP (answers to prayer) keep coming! Truly, God is so good! – Miles


Cathy had a bout with bronchitis beginning the last week of April and the schedule was interrupted. At present, the earliest an operation could be scheduled will be sometime in June. We are in the process of trying an alternative that should improve her health in all areas. Continue to pray for us.


Due to a severe bout of asthmatic bronchitis and other things, Cathy is now rescheduled for thyroid surgery July 7th. Pray for Cathy’s healing and that we will have discernment, wisdom, God’s guidance, peace, and strength to follow God’s will and plan. Instead of being limited to the neck area, it has spread down into the chest. She must have a number of tests and a procedure or two before the surgery. Please pray for us. It’ll be a difficult time, so we will appreciate your prayers all through this. And, pray that the doctors and those attending her will have wisdom and God’s help in all this. We do need some miracles and God is our hope!  We praise Him for His faithfulness and thank Him for His healing! He is the Great Physician!  Thank you so much! – Miles


Thanks for your prayers. The latest is this:

Praise the Lord, Cathy had a biopsy but the results are inconclusive. Hurthle cells were found. There is about a 20% chance they are malignant. Pray that they aren’t. Pray for healing for Cathy’s thyroid.

The surgeon has postponed Cathy’s thyroid surgery for one month. It is now scheduled for August 7Pray regarding this as we are proceeding with this but still hope and pray Cathy will not need it. We need some miracles!

Cathy’s appointment with her oncologist is next Wednesday, July 5. Pray that the report will be good and the blood tests taken at that time will be accurate and the count of each of all 3 tests will be less than 35. One was 39 in February (see 2/14/06). Again, for you who do not know Cathy’s history, we praise God that she has survived 4 years, 9 months since ovarian cancer was found October 10, 2001, without chemotherapy or radiation! How about that for answers to prayer?!!

Cathy will have her scheduled appointment with her surgeon next Thursday, July 6. Pray that it will go well and God will grant His wisdom, guidance, discernment, and all needed to make wise decisions during this critical time.

As aforementioned, Cathy’s thyroid operation is scheduled for Monday, August 7Pray all will go well and she will survive and recuperate without serious complications.

Thanks so much for your faithfulness in prayer! Miles


Cathy kept her appointment with her oncologist on July 5. Blood tests results should be available tomorrow or Thursday. Pray that all 3 will be below 35. The one, CA 19-9, had dropped from 69 to 39 last time, for which we are thankful. The others remained relatively low.

Cathy kept the appointment with her surgeon July 6. In order to get clearance for the operation from her cardiologist, Cathy has to see an allergist to ascertain if there is anything or way to counteract her allergy to the materials (isotope?) used in the stress test. Her appointment with the allergist is for July 17. Pray that Cathy will be able to take the “stress test” necessary for clearance by the cardiologist. The thyroid operation is indefinitely delayed by the surgeon because further testing is needed. Continue to pray for Cathy’s healing! Thanks.  Miles


We thank God that 2 of Cathy’s cancer marker blood tests went down. Both below 10 now!  However the one, CA 19-9 went up five points from 39 to 44. Not bad considering it was at its highest (87) in August, 2005. Please keep praying about this! We aren’t sure what it indicates.

Her ovarian cancer was found and removed on 10/10/01, so the oncologist now is looking forward to her release in October. We thank God she received no chemotherapy or radiation at any time. It was a MAJOR decision in 2001! We prayed, trusted God, and tried various food supplements.

Cathy kept her allergist appointment. The only suggestion was to have a challenge (test) to ascertain if she can tolerate prednisone. Pray for wisdom for us.

Cathy’s thyroid operation has been postponed indefinitely until approval from her cardiologist can be obtained. Please pray that God will heal her so she won’t need it.

Please continue to pray. Cathy has many other health problems that plague her. God is able! Thanks.  – Miles

1/03/07 Operations on are “on hold” at present. We praise the Lord that Cathy has survived over 5 years since ovarian cancer was found October 10, 2001! As previously stated, she elected not to have chemotherapy at that time because, with her medical history, she did not think her body could take it. Recently, other problems have arisen. Our hope is in God and His continued intervention and healing. We praise the Lord for His sustaining strength and grace. Yes, God’s grace IS truly amazing! Please join us in continuing to pray for healing according to God’s will. Thank you so much!

We both continue to joyfully serve our blessed Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! In the words of the song, “The longer I (we) serve Him, the sweeter He grows.” Pray for us and Lift Up Ministries!

May 2007 be your most blessed and spiritually effective year ever- Miles

1/08/07 OVARIAN – Cathy kept her appointment today with Dr. Darlene Gibbon, her oncologist. We thank and praise the Lord that her next appointment with Dr. Gibbon will be ONE YEAR FROM NOW, Lord willing. Cancer free or not, only God knows! In 2 days, 1/10/07, it will be 5 years, 3 months since ovarian cancer was found, and the nodule ruptured as it was removed! We keenly sensed your prayers and God’s presence today. Thank You for your prayers. Keep praying for us as God brings us to mind. O how we thank God for our Brother and Sister Intercessors, and God’s answers! To paraphrase “How can I say thanks, for the things that God has done for us?” Pray that we live totally for God and give Him all the praise, honor, and glory due to Him alone. Thank you so much! – Miles

7/10/07 Praise God Cathy is still alive though she still has many problems. Humanly, there is always the “specter” of cancer that keeps us watchful. Her mammogram recently showed some abnormalities which may be cancer so her onocological surgeon has ordered a Stereo-tactic Biopsy. Cathy also had a cat scan of abdomen and pelvis this morning.

She is never pain free. It’s a matter of degree and areas. We surely appreciate your prayers for her. She keeps a positive attitude and an attitude of thanksgiving and praise to God through it all. She (perhaps I‘ve said this before, if so, forgive me) has chosen to think of it as “living with cancer” rather than “dying of cancer.” She continues life as normally as she can, and keeps active, demonstrating God’s love to those around through prayer, encouragement, sending cards, making food to share with others, and considering each day as a gift from God to bring honor and glory to Him.

Please continue to pray for her, and myself as well. Pray for wisdom, healing, and strength to endure. Thank you so much. May our Lord Jesus Christ reward you according to your needs, the desires of your heart, and according to His will. To Him be all the praise and glory! – Miles

8/04/07 Cathy Bennett has now been diagnosed with breast cancer (recent biopsy) and would appreciate your prayers. Decisions regarding the best proper procedures and/or therapy are contingent upon genetic testing, as there is a family history (father and mother) of cancer. Tests are planned for Wednesday, August 8. Please pray for complete and accurate testing, discernment, wise counsel, wisdom, and excellent judgment regarding all things pertaining to her healing. We need another miracle. Pray for her complete healing. As our good friend and evangelist would say, “Expect a Miracle Today.” Actually, isn’t that why we pray? O, the exhaustless treasures of God’s matchless grace! Let us trust Him. As the song says, “O for grace to trust Him more.” Thanks for your continued prayers. – Miles

8/10/07 Cathy had the genetic testing ( Questions, questions and blood tests!) Wednesday (August 8, 2007) and we are awaiting the results which will take 2 or 3 weeks and up to 4 weeks. Will they find the “gene?”

 Please pray:

 – we get the tests results promptly and that they be accurate.

 – for wisdom in decisions regarding treatment and her complete healing. Cathy’s attitude is great and she lives as normal a life as possible!

 – that we exercise wisdom and discipline (obedience) to do our part for her healing.

Thanks so much for your prayers. We are indebted to God and you faithful ones! We have and will continue to ask, seek, and “knock” for Cathy’s complete healing. God’s answers, thus far, have been countless times of divine healing and intervention, along with the day by day overcoming grace! We praise the name of JESUS as it’s “all in the name of Jesus!” Salvation, healing, miracles of grace, comfort, peace, joy, forgiveness, overcoming victory, and more, much more, is through that name above all names, JESUS! The best is yet to come, HEAVEN! By the way, Cathy loves Corrie Ten Boom’s book, “Day by Day.”  – Miles

8/31/07 – We praise God that Cathy got the genetic test results back and “No deleterious mutation was found in BRCA1 or BRCA 2.  We consulted with her surgeon this morning, and a mammogram was made of the other breast because suspicious lumps have been discovered there. No results yet of that.

On Tuesday this week Cathy had root canal work done and there is additional dental work to be done, so surgery will be delayed. Severe pain prompted Cathy to return (emergency basis) to the dentist early this morning before the surgeon’s appointment. Solution: pain pills.

Please continue to pray:

 – for discernment, wise counsel, wisdom, and excellent judgment regarding all things pertaining to her healing.

 – for God’s healing intervention (all areas) for Cathy.

– that we will accept God’s healing according to His will, for His glory.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We thank God for His answers.

8/31/07 – We praise God that Cathy got the genetic test results back and “No deleterious mutation was found in BRCA1 or BRCA 2.  We consulted with her surgeon this morning, and a mammogram was made of the other breast because suspicious lumps have been discovered there. No results yet of that.

On Tuesday this week Cathy had root canal work done and there is additional dental work to be done, so surgery will be delayed. Severe pain prompted Cathy to return (emergency basis) to the dentist early this morning before the surgeon’s appointment. Solution: pain pills.

Please continue to pray:

 – for discernment, wise counsel, wisdom, and excellent judgment regarding all things pertaining to her healing.

 – for God’s healing intervention (all areas) for Cathy.

– that we will accept God’s healing according to His will, for His glory.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We thank God for His answers. God bless you! Keep praying for us. – Miles

9/23/07 We thank God for His faithfulness to us. We were concerned that Cathy’s surgery for removal of cancer in the right breast would be delayed, but she has gotten clearance and is scheduled for Monday, October 1. We still have a number of concerns which, though we mention them, are placed in the hands of our loving God. They are: 1. Anesthesia – Difficult to find what she can tolerate. 2. Antibiotics – allergic to them, some very serious reactions. 3. Breathing – Chronic problems. 4. Heart problems. 5. Diabetic 6. IBS 7. Allergies (lots).

Please pray:

1. for a miraculous touch of healing on Cathy

2. that healing will be according to God’s will and for His glory.

If operated upon:

3. that all will go well during surgery and all malignancy will be removed.

4. that NO infection will set in and prompt and complete healing will take place.

5. that she will not need radiation therapy.

6. that pain and suffering will be minimal.

If God miraculously provides healing without any operation that’s OK by us, too. God miraculously healed Cathy of sinus trouble while a young girl.

Cathy was told 29 years ago by Sloan-Kettering doctors in NYC that she needed a double mastectomy but God healed her through natural foods AND then miraculous healing when she became allergic to what she was taking. To God be all the glory for those extra years to walk with Him on earth.

We are counting on you! Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you. Thank you so much! – Miles

10/01/07 Cathy’s home! We praise God that Cathy came through the surgery and tissue was sent for testing. It was a lengthy and painful process. She feels a bit “beat up” from radiology procedures (compression, wires, etc.) before surgery and apparently more surgery was needed than anticipated. She had heart palpitations and very high blood pressure which kept her in recovery longer than anticipated. She is doing okay but for pain, which I suppose is normal. She will use Tylenol extra as prescription drugs give her side effects like nausea, etc. Thanks so much and we appreciate your prayers as God brings her to mind. Please pray that she will get much needed rest, no infection will set in, and for prompt and complete healing. Thank you. – Miles

10/04/07 We praise God that the pain has not been as severe as was expected (see above request #6, 9/23/07). Cathy removed the dressing and showered yesterday, but left “patches” on. Though she has some swelling, pain, and soreness, we are trusting God that no infection will set in (#4 above). We trust all malignancy was removed (# 3 above). However, time and tests will reveal that. Please keep those prayers going up, and thanks so much! We all know the efficacy of prayer! We so much sensed God’s presence and peace Monday and Cathy even gave out some New Testaments. God bless you! – Miles

11/04/07  Cathy is recovering from bronchitis and is scheduled for breast cancer surgery Wednesday, November 7, 2007. Please pray that, Lord willing, she will be well enough for the surgery by Wednesday, that all will go well, and all cancer will be removed this time.  For details write us. Thank you so much! – Miles

11/05/07 Monday night. Cathy went to her doctor earlier this evening. She’s not well enough for surgery yet so she’ll not have it Wednesday. Will keep you posted. Thanks for your prayers! – Miles

11/15/07 – Hopefully, Cathy will be well enough to have the operation before Thanksgiving.

•        Pray that the right course of treatment will be taken.

•        Pray that we have assurance and peace about choice of treatment and therapy.

•        Pray for God’s guidance in all this, as only because of Him has Cathy survived thus far.

•        Continue to pray for complete healing. “Thus far hath the Lord helped us.”

•        Pray that we will be sensitive to God’s will and leading in all things. Thank you.

We are thankful that through the circumstances of life we have found God faithful and true. – Miles

11/19/07 – Praise the Lord, Cathy was able to keep her appointment this morning for surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick! The surgeon said it went well and we should have the results of the pathology report in 10 days. We hope and pray that she got all the cancer cells (ductal carcinoma in situ). Cathy has a lot of pain tonight and can take only Tylenol for it as she allergic to other medications.

For now please pray for relief from pain and that the surgeon got it all. Thanks so much! – Miles

11/27/07 – Cathy has an appointment with the surgeon this Friday, November 30. Pray we get good news! – Miles

11/30/07 – Surgery did not get all the cancer. More later. Thanks for your prayers. – Miles

12/02/07 We praise God for His goodness, faithfulness, and provision!

Please pray that:

1. We will have wisdom and excellent judgment in further decisions (mastectomy?).

2. Cathy will be healed of cancer and other afflictions.

3. We will be strengthened.

3. God will be glorified in ALL things.

Thank you so much! – Miles

12/06/07 – We praise God always! Cathy and I have been sustained by God’s answers to your prayers and others. Please don’t stop now! Cathy practices praise (to God for His qualities!), not pity.

Cathy is in the process of making an appointment for surgery, God willing, to have complete mastectomy of right breast as soon as possible, to prevent spreading of cancer.

Please pray that:

1. We will have wisdom and excellent judgment in all decisions. If not mastectomy, then what?

2. Cathy will be healed of cancer and other afflictions

3. We will be strengthened

4. If Cathy has surgery, pain and suffering will be minimal (Still a lot of pain from 2 prior surgeries).

5. God will be glorified in ALL things.

Thank you so very much for your prayers and communications of caring concern. You have our prayers. It’s two way, you know, prayer and blessings! Actually it’s more like “three way,” isn’t it, God, you, and us! – Miles


1/17/08 We praise God for His goodness and mercy! Thank you for your prayers and communications. We had a pleasant and quiet Christmas and New Year’s Day. The greatest excitement was our son Bob, Mitzi, and Karen, from North Carolina showing up on New Year’s Eve. During the next couple days we were able to spend time with them. Later in the week we had dinner with them and our other son’s family (Darryl, Laura, and their son Anthony) at Charlie Brown’s! The only family member missing was granddaughter Joy, detained in NC for college and work.

Cathy has an appointment for her third breast cancer surgery on Wednesday, January 23. We have great concern about this as 2 surgeries (Oct 1 and November 19) did not remove all the cancer cells and each time is more difficult as Cathy is much weaker now. Cancer is only one of a number of health concerns or afflictions. Please pray she will survive the surgery, that all will go well, and that all cancer will be removed. Pray that healing will be found for the other afflictions as well. Pray we have wisdom regarding going through with surgery. Thank you so much! – Miles

1/20/08 Cathy is very weak. Please pray in faith believing that she will be strengthened for her third breast cancer surgery on Wednesday, January 23. Pray all will go well, all cancer will be removed, full recovery, and healing, for her good and God’s glory. Thanks. – Miles

1/23/08 We praise the Lord that the surgery went well today and Cathy came through. Conscious sedation and local anesthetic was used so a complete mastectomy was not performed. It will take a couple weeks to confirm whether all cancer cells were removed. Knowing our Lord, we are hopeful. She is now recuperating and has a lot of pain, which can be somewhat relieved by Tylenol (cannot take very much because of liver problems) and use of cold packs. Her blood pressure was high but otherwise she did well, for which we thank God through your prayers. Don’t stop now but continue as God brings her to mind. Pray also that there will be no complications such as infection. Pray that she will regain strength and healing will be found for other afflictions. Cathy said to be sure to thank you for your prayers and we pray that God will also bless you and supply your every need. Thank you so much. – Miles

2/05/08 Cathy kept her appointment with Surgeon Dr. Kirstein yesterday. Both we and she are very pleased that the Surgical Pathology report, among other things, stated “MARGINS ARE NEGATIVE.” We thank God that His answer to your prayers and ours this time was “Yes!” Cathy had such shortness of breath today that we took her to our general doctor around 5:00 PM, who sent us to Princeton Medical Center ER for tests as he suspected blood clots. After several hours, blood tests, and X-rays in the Emergency Room, though her blood pressure is very high, and there are some items above “range,” he did not admit her but will do follow up tests today. We arrived back home around 11:15 PM., too exhausted to “update”. Please continue praying for proper diagnosis and healing. Many thanks to God and you!  –  Miles

2/16/08 Cathy underwent three CAT scans last Friday; chest, abdomen, and pelvis. She received results of these Tuesday. These scans do not reveal any new information. For the most part, the spots on the lung, the thyroid masses, diverticulitis, etc. remain and though there’s no confirmation of blood clots, neither are they completely ruled out. The doctor is now considering having a complete heart workup done. Her shortness of breath remains a concern so we do appreciate your prayers. We continually thank God for His mercies and answers to prayer! May His praise be continually on our lips! Thank you so much for praying with and for us!

Cathy is SO grateful for each of you who pray for her and/or send e-mail or cards. She regrets she is unable to personally answer each one. Her immediate response is a prayer for you that God will bless you abundantly. She appreciates all the others who take a few moments to lift her up before God’s throne of grace. God has given us comfort, strength, and peace through these trying times because you prayed. Please keep praying. You have our prayers. – Miles

4/15/08 We praise God for His daily care and provision for us. Thank you for your prayers for Cathy and me. Cathy’s health problems are chronic and we continue to pray for God’s strength and guidance and He is faithful. There isn’t much new and we continue to have grave concerns about each of the conditions which afflict her. Somehow, by God’s grace and strength, she “keeps on keeping on,” as we seek healing and relief from the serious ailments.

Cathy’s latest breast surgery (1/23/08) finally seems to be healing up. The thyroid masses (see 7/01/06) are still of great concern to us. Pray for God’s solution for them. Please continue to pray for these and others.

Cathy continues her ministry of encouragement and scripture distribution. She is active as co-leader and program chairperson in the Protestant Fellowship, chaplain of our local Middlesex County Camp Gideon Auxiliary, and as much as possible we seek to live “normal lives” and be well pleasing unto God. Pray for us as, Lord willing, we plan to attend the Gideon NJ State Convention from April 18-20, and the Gideon International Convention in July. We are counting on your prayer support. With God, all things are possible! Thank you so much! – Miles

7/23/08 “Thus far hath the Lord helped us” surely is an appropriate quote from God’s Word. We praise God for His grace, love, and faithfulness! The nodules that were discovered in Cathy’s thyroid glands in November, 2005, have increased in size over the past 2 years so that pressure is placed upon the trachea. She must undergo surgery, unless God intervenes with a miracle or miracles.   Cathy is scheduled to undergo serious, complicated, and delicate thyroid surgery Monday, August 4, 2008. Please pray for medical clearance for this risky operation, its success, and Cathy’s full recovery, including no complications or cancer, according to God’s will, for His glory, honor, and praise. Thank you so much, whoever you are, and we thank God for you and your prayers. God richly bless and sustain you, and grant you victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! – Miles

8/05/08 Praise God, Cathy’s operation went well yesterday and the mass was removed from the right side of her thyroid and she came home last night. Preliminary inspection (malignancy) looks good. Pray final tests will be negative. She has lots of pain. Pray for her recuperation. Thanks to all! – Miles

8/11/08 Cathy continues to recuperate. We continue to praise God that, as the surgeon said, “no heart attack and no stroke” during the operation. Breathing is an area of deep concern and she came through that, too.

Cathy was able to attend church yesterday for which we are thankful. She will have an appointment with surgeon Dr. Trooskin later this week. Continue to pray all goes well and that there was no cancer. Thank you for continued prayer as God brings Cathy to mind. “It’s prayer that’s doing it.” (to quote a certain doctor). –  Miles

8/14/08 Benign, praise God! More tomorrow. Cathy wants me w/her. –  Miles

8/15/08 We continue to praise God for His seven positive answers to our 7 specific requests (7/23/08 above)! Cathy had risky thyroid surgery on August 4 (see 8/05/08). We are extremely grateful to God, the surgeon, and you who prayed for us. At her follow up appointment yesterday her surgeon aspirated some accumulated fluid and Cathy continues to recuperate, though very uncomfortable. We are grateful to God that the thyroid tissue was diagnosed as benign and there’s no sign of infection. That pretty much covers what we requested from God on 7/23/08.

Please continue to pray that she will fully recover, pain and suffering will be minimal, and her system will be able to handle it, and her left lobe will produce sufficiently.

Again, thanks to each of you precious praying friends, known or unknown to us, who had a part in this through your prayers of faith. Our prayer is that God will richly bless you and yours. To God be all the praise and glory.  – Miles

11/13/08 Cathy is scheduled for an operation on her left carotid artery, early Thursday, November 20. Please pray for the preoperative tests and clearance to go smoothly, a successful operation, and complete healing with no complications or infection. Cathy went to Princeton Medical Center Monday (11/10/08) for pre admittance testing, will go to her regular doctor, Dr. Goldberg, tomorrow, and to her heart specialist, Dr. Hagaman, on Monday, 11/17/08. Thanks so much for your prayers!

About her thyroid. We are thankful that Cathy will not need much medication (hormone) for the thyroid. She has a prescription but cannot start until this operation is over. Please pray concerning this, too. God answers prayer! Miles

11/21/08 7:45 AM Praise God for His goodness! We thank God that Cathy’s carotid artery (neck) operation At Princeton Medical Center went well yesterday. Perhaps the surgeon exaggerated a little as he briefed me after the operation, when he said that it couldn’t have gone better. We had hoped that she would not need total anesthesia and intubation, but she did, so they used it. We trust his judgment. The artery was blocked over 90% and he cleaned it out and all went well. We thank God and the surgeon, Dr. Goldman, who was God’s instrument. The nurse told me this morning (6:00 AM) the night went well. Please pray for Cathy’s complete healing, without complications or infection. Thank you so very much! Miles

11/22/08 – We are thankful that Cathy came home today although we thought for a while she might not. She will need to take it real easy for a couple weeks at least. Fortunately, before the operation she completed preparations for the Protestant Fellowship December 3 Christmas Luncheon which she will not be able to attend. She chairs the program committee.

We still have several immediate concerns about which we’d like your prayers. Pray for timely and complete healing of the aorta and incision, which now has some redness and slight swelling. She’s allergic to antibiotics. Please pray also that no blood clots will form. Some heart glitches occurred on the monitor so an EKG was taken. Please pray that any heart problems will be solved and healed. Thanks so very much. May God reward you for your compassion and love!  – Miles

11/28/08 – We are thankful that Cathy’s 32 stitches (all of them) were removed by the surgeon today. She still has considerable discomfort and continues to need a lot of rest. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and thanks so much!– Miles

4/08/09 – We praise God that Cathy is still recuperating though she has not yet returned to a normal pattern of sleeping. She sleeps fitfully, sitting up all night. The pain is too great when she lies down. Now she has severe pain in 2 places in her right abdomen and in her back as well. An emergency room visit yesterday (X-ray, blood, and urine tests) failed to obtain a diagnosis. With such severe pain we suspect kidney stones and/or a partial blockage in the colon. Please pray for pain relief and the proper diagnosis and treatment of this problem or condition. Thank you. – Miles

8/24/09 – Cathy Bennett’s recent biopsy has indicated the return of ovarian cancer. Inoperable. Please pray for her complete healing and praise God for his faithfulness over the years. Thank you. – Miles

5/28/10 – Much has transpired since the last update.  Our web site FTP was not in operation so it has been a long time. We praise God that Cathy is alive, though not well! She is still locked in a battle with ovarian and breast cancer and by worldly standards, the prognosis is not good. We have been extremely busy with doctors’ appointments, and a nutritionist appointment, as well as the gathering and preparation of foods and juices, etc.

In brief, we appreciate your concern, prayers, and encouragements! Pray that God will help us both with the stressful situations we are in. Keep those prayers going up to find answers and healing. God hears. God cares. God answers! Thanks so much! – Miles

7/12/10 – We thank God for His mercies and healing power. After more than 30-40 years of chronic illnesses, none but God could ever predict that she would still be here with us, active in Intercessory Prayer and Gideon Ministry! Cathy has an appointment with her oncologist tomorrow. Pray that it will be productive. Test results of CA19-9 test that was taken 7/02/10 came back at 36, within “normal” limits. Miracle or mistake? Keep praying as Cathy’s general health seems to be declining in spite of all we can do. We need more miracles! Pray for them. Thanks so much! – Miles

11/12/10 update – We continue to thank God for His faithfulness! Thank you for your prayers for her and me. Cathy’s CA 19-9 test taken on 9/07/10 came back at 47, some higher than last time, so we are thankful (less than the 115 in February!).

We pray and continue to do what we know to do physically, i.e. she continues daily with wheat grass juice (obtained frozen, 6 oz), fresh vegetable juice (made with carrots, celery, cucumber, beet, and apple), Ultra Sustain (1 scoop daily), Mango-Xan (about 4 or 5 oz), and 2 or 3 oz. pomegranate juice (POM). Her diagnosis remains poor, but God has sustained her (us) thus far though we need more miracles. Please pray for those continued healing miracles. Cathy’s Christian witness, testimony, and faith remains strong, she’s into God’s Word every day, faithfully intercedes for others, and is a great encourager. We both have had to curtail plans and many of our activities and live day by day, in hope.

As those who are familiar with Cathy’s health concerns know, cancer is only one of the serious ones. Please continue to pray for her overall healing. Thank You so much! We wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! Miles

12/18/10 We praise God that thus far God has sustained Cathy (and me) through the answers to prayers by HIS people, our friends who have faithfully prayed. We are filled with gratitude to God and you! Although God has granted many healing “miracles over the years we still are in need of more. God’s tender mercies are endless! Please pray for a reversal of her cancerous condition and healing of other physical afflictions. Cathy visits her oncologist on Tues. Dec 21. Thanks for your continued prayers of faith. All praise and glory to God. Updates are posted hereMiles

2/06/11 As Cathy’s oncologist had an emergency, her appointment was rescheduled for January 4, 2011. We praise God for a blessed Christmas with family and a quiet New Year’s Day at home! Whatever 2011 has in store for us, we are thankful for God’s presence and promises.

Cathy kept the appointment and apparently nothing more can be done medically as she is not a good candidate for recommended chemotherapy. C T-scans indicate a worsening of her condition and the areas and severity of her pain, as well as her weakness, continue to increase.

She continues on the nutritional path that has been the most effective, though it isn’t enough. She has added cranberry juice and sometimes takes several drops of milk thistle for her liver.

Our faith is placed in God to grant us wisdom, guidance, hope, encouragement strength, and healing, as well as all else. He is our all. He’s so faithful and true.

Prayer has been most effective and God continues to answer. “Thus far hath the LORD helped us.” What more can we do? We continue to seek answers. We’ve heard that intravenous vitamin C therapy has been helpful in some cases. Pray we exercise wisdom in seeking therapies.

Please continue to pray for Cathy’s healing in all areas, so that she may continue to be a blessing here on earth. She’s an intercessor and enjoys sharing her faith with others at every opportunity. She prays faithfully for the unsaved, her family, relatives, friends, and others.

Please pray that God will give her healing and strength to make the trip to our granddaughter’s wedding 560 miles away on February 19 as her present poor health prevents it. It will take a miracle. Let’s believe God for such a miracle. Thank you so much. May God grant you health and strength as you faithfully and joyfully serve Him!  – Miles

3/16/11 We praise God for that miracle of Cathy and I being enabled to make the trip out of state and enjoy being at the wedding and events. What a joy it was to be at Joy and Thomas Harris’s wedding and events prior and following (yes, we attended all we planned to attend, thank the Lord). The prayers of God’s people for us were answered and we thank you for your continued prayer.

We continue on the nutritional items mentioned last time and live one day at a time. Prayer is key to her recovery. We continue to learn about prayer and faith. Pray that we will increase in faith, and for Cathy’s complete healing, despite indications of decline. God is our only hope for healing, and we seek His face for wisdom, grace, strength, guidance to do all we can and leave the impossible to Him. He has a great track record, as you who have followed this site since 2001. She may be beyond “medical help” but not beyond God’s reach! He is still reaching, touching, and caring and we still hope for the miracle of a turn around and healing for her, although we submit (as did Jesus) to the Father, that His will be done, not ours.

Cathy is an intercessor and continues to faithfully attend the Gideon and Auxiliary Saturday prayer mornings. It disappoints her that she hasn’t the strength and endurance to participate in distributions but still prays for them and those who do. She remains spiritually strong, by God’s grace, and is constantly into the Word of God. I’ve lost track of how many times she has read and/or listened to The Bible. She continues to share Christ with others via the Gideon personal worker’s testaments.

Thank you for your continued prayers. You have ours! –  Miles

8/30/12 – My wife, Mitzi, and I flew in to NJ from North Carolina this Thursday morning and “surprised” Mom & Dad. She’d been stricken with various illnesses since 1968, but when talking to her on the phone, I heard a sustained weakness in her voice I’d never heard before and I asked for a week off work to visit her. Unbeknownst to us, the breakfast she had eaten that morning was her last meal. She was in much pain, and her only answer when asked how she was doing was “wonderful.” When we asked about her pain level, she did say “10.” As we visited, we helped her “eat” portions of liquid nutrition drink, but she really liked when Mitzi got and fed her a couple of raspberry donuts over the next few days. She was not able to join us to celebrate her 76th birthday on Sunday, Sept 2, but she did insist that all of us go out to eat and enjoy time together in her honor. We’d hope she’d get stronger, but early Tuesday morning she told Dad she’d felt “funny” and not a good funny. Apparently she had begun having tiny symptoms of strokes and by mid-afternoon, a very major one took her unconscious. A huge blessing was that right before that, Mom and Dad had several minutes together, watching a video my daughter had sung for Mom, and then singing together and sharing some special moments. Very early Friday morning, I headed to the airport to catch the return plane to pick up our car to bring back. But Mitzi was able to stay with her and Dad at the hospital. I’m pretty sure she always loved Mitzi more anyway.  – Her son, Bob

9/07/12 – My dear wife Cathy departed to be with the Lord Friday morning, September 7, shortly before 4:00am, She had had a stroke on Tuesday afternoon, September 4, and did not regain consciousness. Our daughter-in-law, Mitzi Bennett, and I were with her in her final moments. She passed peacefully and quietly. We are thankful that she has no more pain. We are so thankful that she “fought a good fight, finished her course, and kept the faith!” Thanks so very much for your prayers. You have ours! – Miles

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